Nutrition Policy:

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School Year Calendar:

Computer/Internet Policy:

Code of Conduct:


Our school has adopted an acceptable dress code policy where bare midriffs are unacceptable.  Low cut tops, short shorts and micro mini skirts are also not suitable.  Underwear should not be visible beyond outer garments.  Articles of clothing with pictures/phrases that promote alcohol/drug consumption or with sexually suggestive phrases are not acceptable as well as demeaning/racist outerwear.  Hats, hoods, bandanas, visors and other headwear shall be removed when entering the school.


Excursions are an integral part of the school program and as such, students are encouraged to participate in order to gain optimum benefit from in-school activities organized to support and enrich the learning experience.  Permission slips are necessary for each excursion and these will be sent home in advance of the activity, to be completed and promptly returned to the school.  If there is a charge for the program, appropriate payment should accompany the acknowledgement form.  In order to teach individual responsibility on the part of the student and because of board policy, last minute phone calls for “oral” permission are discouraged and usually denied.  For these students and others who are not able to participate in the excursion, possible alternate in-school arrangements will be determined.  Non-participation in the excursion is not a viable excuse to be absent from school.  Participation in an out-of-school activity is contingent upon suitable behaviour on the buses and at school.  Involvement in an out-of-classroom activity is encouraged, but is not a right.  The school shall determine the criteria for inclusion in any activity and refuse involvement for any student who is under suspension or who fails to meet the criteria.


Periodically throughout the school year, we will hold school-wide head lice checks by trained parent volunteers who will travel between classes.  It is the Trillium Lakelands DSB policy that any child found to have head lice must be excluded from school until the first shampoo treatment is completed and all nits are removed.  You will be called to the school in the event that nits or active lice are located in your child’s hair.  We have information packages to assist you in the procedures.  We will inform you if anyone in your child’s class gets head lice.  Please help us out by regularly completing random checks of your child’s hair.



·         Be honest and fair

·         Show respect for people’s differences and opinions

·         Treat each other kindly – especially during disagreements

·         Respect the rights of others

·         Care for school property and the property of others

·         Notice and help those in need

·         Seek help from school staff if necessary to resolve conflicts

·         Obey all laws

·         Respect and obey persons in positions of authority

·         Try to make the school a safe and healthy place

·         Keep all language respectful and courteous

 In addition, all STUDENTS must:

·         Attend school on time

·         Be responsible for good personal hygiene and wellness

·         Wear clothes that are appropriate for school (See Agenda “Code”)

·         Show verbal and physical self-control

·         Use courteous and respectful words and actions with everybody

·         Show respect for all school property

·         Return school property on time and in reasonable condition

·         Pay for school items that were lost or damaged; for example:  a library book

·         Behave appropriately and safely on school buses

·         Participate in class and complete assignments

·         Complete tests and exams honestly

·         Respect one another and school staff including supply teachers, educational assistants, secretaries and custodians

·         Follow all school policies and routines

·         Follow all the classroom policies and routines set by teachers

·         Avoid public arguing with staff about treatment that seems unfair.  Instead it is expected that the student will ask for a private conversation with the teacher or administrator

·         Obey the board policy on use of internet in schools

·         Avoid bringing cell phones and electronic devices to school.  School is not responsible for the loss, theft or damage of personal belongings

·         Be personally responsible for passwords – including internet accessed by their passwords

·         Be accountable for content of any memory storage devices (i.e. USB memory sticks).  Staff have the right to request to see the content.

·         Alert a staff member if they know of harmful or harassment types of behaviours targeting any of their classmates via use of electronic devices or internet sites

·         Be accountable for off-school property use of internet sites or electronic devices which may have a negative impact on the school environment