I’m Here Campaign

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We know from experience, and what research confirms: showing up for school matters.  When students attend school, they are more likely to achieve in math, reading, and writing. When students are involved and invested in their school community early on, they typically remain involved and invested in their secondary school experience.  Attendance matters because students who show up on a regular, and consistent basis are more likely to enrol in a post secondary program.

School attendance is a community responsibility and everyone has a role to play in helping improve school attendance.  Trillium lakelands District School Board recently launched a new attendance management campaign, I’m Here to raise awareness of the importance of showing up to school,and improve attendance numbers.

Where do you as parents come in?

You, as parents, are partners in your child’s attendance.  I’m Here means you are ready to assist.  Ready to encourage your children, ready to reach out and ask for help if they need to, ready to team up with teachers, and ready to make plans to ensure their children get to school!

Learn more about the recently launched I’m Here campaign and how you can assist your child(s) by visiting tldsb.ca/ImHere