Soccer Tournament

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On September 26, two students from Honey Harbour Public School travelled to Bracebridge to play in their first ever Soccerfest – an annual soccer tournament. Upon arrival, they were faced with a problem – there had been a miscommunication and the Honey Harbour team of two players was registered as their own team. For those who don’t know, the total population of Honey Harbour Public School is 30.

A big shout out to tournament co-ordinators, as they quickly remedied the situation by creating the “United Federation of Muskoka Schools” team, which was comprised of students from a large number of schools – some volunteered to play with the team for the whole day, while some sacrificed their breaks and helped out along the way.

The entire day was a success and ever since, the two children have not stopped talking about the friends they made, goals scored, opportunities missed, and so on. As an educator, it was truly remarkable to witness a testament to the power of sport and how it allowed two students from the small town of Honey Harbour to experience something extraordinary. We look forward to seeing everyone again soon at the next event, where the little school with a big heart will be there in full force.