Roots of Empathy – Baby Bronson

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The Grade 1 to 3 students are fortunate to be able to participate in a program called “Roots of Empathy”. Through this program our students will learn empathy and emotional literacy. By interacting with Bronson, as he develops emotionally and physically throughout the school year, students will have an opportunity to identify and reflect on their own emotions of themselves and peers as they learn from their teacher baby Bronson.

We will learn from “teacher” Baby Bronson and Mom, Brittney, approximately once a month. In between visits,  our board facilitator Student Services Attendance Councillor, Allison Jones, will co-facilitate this important learning with classroom teachers, Ms. Hobley and Ms. Louter.

When you visit our school, please take time to check out our Roots of Empathy board for evidence of learning (and adorable pictures!)